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On Who is Reading My Blog

I am amazed. I don’t always get a lot of comments, but I do get a lot of people reading my blog. That is so awesome. This makes the world seem so small!

I put a Widget on my blog page called “ClustrMaps” and it shows where in the world people are reading my blog. Here are my totals:

United States (US) 499
Canada (CA) 51
Belgium (BE) 13
Pakistan (PK) 2
Indonesia (ID) 2
United Kingdom (GB) 1
Saudi Arabia (SA) 1
Martinique (MQ) 1
Brazil (BR) 1

That means that I have had 499 hits from the US, 51 from Canada, etc. I know who most of the Americans and Canadians are who read my blog. I also know the Belgian who reads it as well as the Martinique resident who has read my words.

If you are out there and you have read my blog from Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, Brazil, or the UK, I’m not sure if I know you! Drop me a comment. I’d love to know what drew you to my posts!

Have a great day! And keep thinking!


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On Random Acts of Kindness

For those of you that know me personally, you know that I am, at best, scatter-brained. Really. I can fool people at work into thinking I’m organized, but its just because I think fast. Thats all there is to it.

Going back to work this fall has been a challenge. I have to keep my VERY busy work life together, thinking one step ahead (a particular challenge for scatter-brained people) and even when it does miraculously happen, I am so elated that something else inevitably falls by the wayside. I have to keep three children’s lives organized. Two travel with us out of town for daycare, one cares for himself when he needs to get things done. And, now, there’s the dog – but, hey, he’s Taylor’s job. I also continue to have bills to pay, mail to sort, a house to keep, groceries to buy, laundry to do… Good thing I have Riley to help me. But, I digress, I’m not here to broadcast my chore list.

Yesterday morning, in a flurry of activity, we left the house on time, arrived at daycare to dispense the little ones and headed off to work. Riley looks down toward his wallet and says, “Oh shoot. I bought some cookies to support the band, and I keep forgetting to bring money to work. Do you have a checkbook or $15?” No. No I do not. So, we decided to stop at a bank and get $15 as well as $40 for me to use to get gas since we were running on “E” and I had forgotten my check card at home.

Off we were again. I stopped at a Cenex near work and started pumping gas, fully intending to stop the pump around $35 so I could also procure a bag of Chex Mix or something for work for the week. But, I began thinking, one step ahead mind you, about my work day and what it would entail. I was awoken from my daydream by the *click* of the gas pump as it automatically stopped. My heart sank as I read $43.79. Oh crap. I had $41 when I scrounged some money out of the car, but this was still not enough.

I formulated a plan, marched into the gas station and began begging the attendant to call my husband and he would surely put the gas on our credit card over the phone. She was not quick… she hummed and hawed and I began to feel the short line behind me grow impatient, shifting weight from foot to foot and rolling their eyes, just a little. I was about to offer to step off to the side and let the others go (I hate being held up in line by idiots who pumped more gas than they can pay for) when the guy behind me threw a five dollar bill on the counter and said, “I got it.”

I was shocked. Really? Wow, thanks. Saved my morning. So, to you, random stranger at Cenex, I thank you for paying for part of my gas yesterday, even if it was because you were pissed off to have to wait in line behind some idiot who pumped more gas than she could pay for. You have no idea what your gesture meant to a harried, pregnant mother of three working a busy job and trying to hold her life together.

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