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On Vaccinations

When it came time to make decisions about vaccinating Natalie, I paused and thought, do I agree with this? I know there is junk in vaccines that could be harmful – do I want to put that in my daughter’s body? At that time, I attended well-baby checks and they said, ‘it’s time for this vaccine and that vaccine. Risks include fever, malaise, and possible adverse reactions, but those are rare.’ Well, okay, I thought, a fever is not that big of a deal. A fever is better than her dying from some weird plague-like illness. So, I closed my eyes and looked away and poke – it was done.

I had the same thoughts when James was a newborn. I wondered if it was the right thing to do. But, I had given them to Natalie and she was fine, so, I closed my eyes, looked away, and poke – it was done.

I’ve learned a lot since then, namely that I have a choice in these matters. No one can deny my children to attend school, receive medical care, attend a daycare or eat at a restaurant whether they are vaccinated or not. I started asking questions. (see my post on wellness care for more details of my epiphany). I really woke up when I was in the hospital after Liberty’s birth. They asked me, as they had with James, if I’d like to give my pearly-pink, wrinkly little newborn the hepatitis B vaccine. I answered with, “why would I?” Why would I want to do that before her lifespan could even be measured in days; while we were still discussing her birth in terms of hours. Had she started being permiscuous? Had she taken up sharing heroin needles with the other babies in the nursery? Was she planning on visiting a dirty tattoo shop for some ink on the way home? No. None of these. Then why would I want to give her perfect little God-created body something to “fight off” this early in life?

This post is less about what I think all of you should do and more about the fact that I feel driven to spread the word that you have a choice. Informed consent. That is what this is about. So, following you will see my research compiled from actual research articles, our chiropractor and our medical doctor (who is so amazingly open to discussing this all with me). Here are the top ten reasons I no longer vaccinate my children:

10. It’s not proven to work – vaccinated kids still get sick! For example, from the CDC website: “…pertussis vaccines are very effective but not 100% effective. If pertussis is circulating in the community, there is still a chance that a fully vaccinated person can catch this very contagious disease.” (http://www.cdc.gov/features/Pertussis/) Why take the risk for something that is not even proven to actually work? Besides, I don’t like needles – you need to give me a really good reason for a needle stick!

9. There are harmful, carcinogenic neurotoxins in vaccines. The CDC says that they are necessary to include and are in small doses, so they are deemed safe by the CDC. Here is a fact sheet published by the CDC itself that lists the chemicals that are included in vaccines and what their purpose is: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/B/excipient-table-1.pdf. And here is a link (http://ehs.ucsb.edu/units/labsfty/labrsc/factsheets/HCHO_FS9.pdf) to a chemical fact sheet for one of the chemicals found in many vaccines, formaldehyde. The chemical fact sheet on formaldehyde lists a series of risks associated with exposure to the chemical and describes that formaldehyde is listed as a known carcinogen by the International Agency on Research of Cancer and the National Toxicology Program. Let that sink in. It is a known carcinogen that we inject into the bodies of children. No one scoffs at that, however, we all pass judgement on a parent smoking a cigarette in a car with the windows closed while their children are in the backseat.

8. The body has innate intelligence to fight bad bacteria and viruses. Keeping your immune system healthy decreases sickness and increases health. Our family takes vitamin D, we eat fresh whole food, take probiotics, get plenty of omega 3s through grass-fed beef and chicken as well as free-range chicken eggs and fish oil. We have worked to decrease sugar intake (sugar “feeds” bacteria), get restful sleep, stay active, drink lots of water, and get regular spinal adjustments – I’ve been pleased with the results. My step son, Taylor, is with us every other week. When he is with us, he eats well, takes his vitamins, gets adjusted and stays active. When he is at his mom’s house, he does some of these, but not all. Recently, he contracted the stomach flu, and his mother, endured 2-3 days of puking and diarrhea. I was really worried he was going to pass that to the rest of the family, but we beefed up our immune system response with extra rest and water, probiotics, vitamin D and plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. James was stricken with gastrointestinal distress a few days after Taylor returned. He experienced a few hours of diarrhea, took a nap, then woke up good to go. The rest of us felt icky for a day or two but no one else contracted Taylor’s bug. I know that is anecdotal info, but it works for me.

7. The viruses that vaccines “prevent” are just that: viruses. Do people die from viruses, sure, but generally they are immuno-comprimised already. If you’re reading this, you probably had chicken pox as a child. Do you remember it? Do your parents? It was a difficult week! But it was a virus. Someone probably cuddled you, gave you an oatmeal bath, pushed fluids and kept you distracted so you didn’t itch. You might be thinking, ok, but what about polio? That leaves children paralyzed!” The CDC reports that 72% of people who contract Polio are asymptotic; 24% suffer from cold/flu-like symptoms. Less than 1% result in paralysis. From 1990-1999 there were 162 reported cases of polio in the US – 154 of them were caused by the vaccine itself (known as vaccine-associated paralytic polio). http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vpd-vac/polio/dis-faqs.htm

6. We’ve established that I fancy myself a Libertarian. I don’t believe in relying on the government for things I can do myself. The Center for Disease Control, like many government agencies, may have started out with good intentions. During WWII the CDC was formed as a way to protect the American people from disease. The CDC’s first focus was protecting people against malaria by collecting enough trucks and sprayers to spray 6.5 million homes, fields and swamps with DDT to kill mosquitoes, thus reducing the risk of infection with malaria. DDT. Remember that? Its the very pesticide linked to the decline in the bald eagle population in the United States. DDT has shown to be an endocrine disrupter in animals and possibly humans as well – and also causes a host of other problems as well. The CDC is run by the government. And, so it gets messy. And I’ve decided that I don’t do things just because they are recommended by the government. There is nothing pure about the government anymore – lobbyists (i.e. vaccine drug companies) lobby for legislation to make mass dissemination of vaccines easier, so I can no longer just take the CDC’s word for things.

5. Have you ever met someone that got hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, influenza B, stomach flu, influenza, mumps, measles, rubella, chicken pox, hepatitis A, polio, mumps, measles, rubella, and pneumonia at the same time? No. That’s because that is unnatural. And yet, we give these viruses in small doses, to a child, all at once. Anyone think our immune systems were not meant to handle this? These vaccines can be broken up and that should be the way the CDC recommends vaccines. Break these vaccines up into individual doses and give them one-by-one if you’re going to give them at all.

4. I don’t believe in “herd immunity.” That’s right, I said it. Herd immunity refers to the idea that if enough people are vaccinated, we can essentially protect those that are not able to be immunized. So, for instance, if someone comes down with whooping cough, then, theoretically, it won’t spread to those who have been immunized and if it spreads less, then someone who has AIDS or other immunocomprising diseases that can’t be vaccinated won’t be as readily exposed. Except people who I’ve known who have contracted whooping cough were already vaccinated. So, if vaccinated individuals can contract whooping cough anyway, then how does that provide herd immunity?

3. And, while we are on the subject, why is it recommended that leukemia kids not get vaccinated? If vaccines prevent contraction of harmful viruses, then immuno-comprised people should get all vaccines so they don’t get sick. If they get sick, they won’t be able to fight off the virus as strongly, so wouldn’t it make sense to give them all vaccines? I know there is more than one strain of virus like whooping cough or influenza, but vaccines could be to blame for forcing a virus to mutate to a new strain. Maybe we wouldn’t have three strains of whooping cough if it weren’t for vaccines.

2. Aside from the toxins found in vaccines, they also contain other potentially harmful materials like egg, peanut oil, and DNA. Doctors recommend not giving young children eggs or peanuts for fear of developing an allergic reaction. It stands to reason that injecting these possible allergens into their blood stream would have an equally detrimental effect. And DNA, whatever it’s source, DNA from another animal or human does not belong in my bloodstream.

1. And the number one reason I no longer vaccinate is : I have a choice. And so do you. Our family works hard to increase our immune systems – we “immunize” our bodies by energizing our natural defenses with diet, exercise, vitamins and adjustments. But we don’t need to vaccinate to stay healthy.


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