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I’m a little behind. I need to show growth in his area. Last week’s photo challenge was about growth and I missed it! But I took a picture today anyway that captures “growth.”

It all started when our oven threw sparks last Sunday night. After talking and doing research we discovered that it was too old to fix – they don’t make elements for our oven anymore. So, we started researching ovens and discovered that wall ovens are quite expensive. Being that our stove was the same age as the oven we decided to look into replacing both with a freestanding oven.

And that’s when a speech therapist and an office supervisor took on the task of a little kitchen remodel. We turned the section of cupboards that used to contain a wall oven into a pantry and left a space for the new freestanding range next to the fridge.

While we demolished the current set up, discussed, debated, measured and restored the cabinetry the kids entertained themselves amazingly well.

Riley found some 1×6 pieces of scrap in the garage while he was working. I took it to the backyard to put in a burn pile. Natalie’s eyes lit up and asked for the wood to “build stuff with.” I agreed and soon the three eldest were building towers, castles, houses, forts and dance floors.

I snapped this picture with my phone not for the photographic quality but for he memory of how grown up they are getting with wild imaginations and strong personalities.

Can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next.


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This Moment – Big Girl


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