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IMG_2075She does it in her own time. Every. Time. She learned to walk in a matter of minutes. She learned to talk when she had something to say… and her first word was even “Self” because she wanted to do everything herself. She potty trained fully with no accidents when she first said, “Wanna go potty.”

We have been battling bike riding for years. She would ride a trike, but when she got too big, we couldn’t get her to ride a bike with training wheels. She was petrified. No amount of begging, pleading or bribing came close to making a dent in her stubbornness. We even bought her her very own princess bike, upon her request and subsequent promise to ride it. For a while she dabbled on a strider bike, rode scooters a bit… but the bike continued to scare her.

I finally invested in a Tag-A-Long bike this year, tired of stuffing her in a toddler seat on the back of my bike, a good 15-20 pounds heavier than the recommended limit and so tall that she had to complete contortionist moves to wedge herself in.

Yesterday she said, “Mom, can I bike to school when I’m in first grade?”

“Of course,” I told her, “but you’ll need to learn to ride yourself with no training wheels first. I’ll help you learn.”

“Ok!” she said, shrugging as if to say, ‘what’s the big deal?’

I cringed internally, remembering the blood sweat and tears from the older three on learn-to-ride-a-bike day…

Today, I showed her how to practice in the grass. She tried twice. She seemed ready for the road. I walked her out and held under her seat to protect her balance. She didn’t need me!

I told her, “You know, I think you’re ready to ride on your own. I wasn’t even helping you.”

Again, the shrug and easy-going, “ok!” And off she went. No, really. Off she went. “I’m going to my friend’s house!” she yelled over her shoulder as she zipped around the corner.

And, just like that, when the time was right for her, she went and learned something new; mastered it in just a few minutes. S.M.H… what a girl…


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